Her Last Kiss

Her Last Kiss

It was the first night of autumn when she finally decided to let me take her away.

She was a beautiful one… one of the few I regret to take, especially so early. Her soul was pure, good intentions throughout, and nothing but love in her heart.

As her last wish, she asked me to keep her lover safe… to keep him warm in the night, to protect him in the day. I suppose she was too upset to understand I don’t often, if ever, do such things… though her pleading eyes spoke to the smallest bit of mercy in my heart. I nodded to her slowly, promising my protection of her soulmate.

The faintest smile flitted across her youthful lips, still pink with life, and not yet stained with the blue of last breaths.

At my surrender to her request, I felt her breathing become shallower and her soul was lighter in my hands.

I saw her thoughts, and they were all of him — the most happiness the world had ever brought her. I was so moved by her selflessness, I almost refused to take her. But I had no choice; she had accepted me at last, and I could not disappoint her.

So, I watched her thoughts carefully, kindly… and at the exact moment I witnessed their last loving goodbye, I kissed her.

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